Neuroimaging in Normal Brain Aging

  • Meike W. VernooijEmail author
  • Frederik Barkhof
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In the evaluation of age-related neurological diseases in clinical neuroradiology, knowledge on the background of “normal” brain aging and its associated changes is important but often overlooked. Radiological techniques applied to assess neurodegeneration will also show a variety brain changes that may be part of the “normal” aging spectrum, such as brain atrophy, white matter hyperintensities, silent brain infarcts, cerebral microbleeds, enlarged perivascular spaces, and iron accumulation. This chapter describes typical structural brain changes seen on imaging studies in “normal” aging and includes practical guidelines for application in daily clinical neuroradiology practice to identify abnormality.


Brain aging Atrophy White matter hyperintensities Infarcts Microbleeds Iron deposition 


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