The Role of Local Government Laws in Bangladesh for Promoting Environmental Justice in the Union Parishads of Bangladesh: A Case Study

  • Noor Mohammad
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The union parishad of Bangladesh has a long history, and it is an around 200-year-old rural development institution. This institution is governed and regulated with some laws such as the Village Chaukidari Act, 1870; the Bengali Rural Self-autonomous Act, 1919; the Basic Democracy Order, 1959; the Local Government (Union Parishads) Ordinance, 1976; the Local Government (Amendment) Union Parishads Ordinance, 1983; etc. Under these laws are some important provisions such as sanitations, health, forestation, green vegetables, antioxidants, etc. for promoting environmental justice in the different union parishads of Bangladesh. It is observed that some environmental facilities are ignored due to outdated laws, corruption, unawareness, lack of monitoring and transparency, non-implementation of law, etc. that may affect environmental justice. This study, however, will evaluate the role of existing laws and policy for promoting environmental justice along with other barriers on primary and secondary sources consisting of at least 50 respondents in the different union parishads of Bangladesh.


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