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2018 Edition
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Reading Comprehension Battery for Aphasia-2

  • Kelly Knollman-PorterEmail author
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The Reading Comprehension Battery of Aphasia-2 (RCBA-2) is the most current (1998) version of a criterion-referenced measure designed to assess functional reading, reading prerequisite skills, and lexical decision making, in individuals with acquired neurologic disorders. While most commonly used to assess the reading strengths and limitations of individuals with aphasia, the RCBA-2 can also be administered to adolescents and adults with traumatic brain injury. The current version comprises ten core subtests, each of which contains ten test items which allows for entirely nonverbal responses. Single-word comprehension with auditory and semantic confusions, functional reading, and sentence and paragraph comprehension are a few of the core subtests contained in the RCBA-2. In addition, seven supplemental subtests are also included, which allows for the evaluation of letter discrimination, naming, recognition, and the oral reading of words and sentences.


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