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2018 Edition
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Visual Evoked Potentials

  • Flora M. HammondEmail author
  • Sheryl Katta-Charles
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Visual evoked responses (VER)


Visual evoked potentials (VEP) is an objective test of visual response to stimuli, testing the function of the visual pathway extending from the retina to the occipital cortex of the brain. This test measures the electrophysiologic responses of the optic nerve, optic chiasm, optic radiations, and occipital cortex to visual stimuli (such as flashing lights or checkerboard pattern). The waveforms recorded during this test are reviewed for delays that might indicate an abnormality in function along the visual pathway.

Current Knowledge

Originally described in the 1930s (Adrian and Matthews 1934), the signal processing methods have been improved, and the stimuli used have become more complex making VEP more broadly useful in visual science research (Norcia et al. 2015). VEP is a sensitive tool that may be able to detect visual system dysfunction that was not appreciable on physical examination or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). However,...

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