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2018 Edition
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Vocational Rehabilitation

  • Christopher WagnerEmail author
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Vocational rehabilitation (VR) is the process of assisting individuals with injuries, illnesses, or disabilities to identify career goals and possibilities, match individuals to best-suited career options, train them in required skills, place them in applicable and promising employment positions, support them as they adjust to new demands, and assist them in advancing their careers.

Historical Background

VR services span public and private agencies. Public services are primarily provided through state-federal rehabilitation service delivery system, in which almost $3 billion is provided by the federal government but administered by State Departments of Rehabilitation Services (agency names may vary by jurisdiction). State-federal programs were initially formed to help returning injured soldiers after World War I but have expanded dramatically to provide services to all citizens with physical, psychiatric, learning, or behavioral impairments. With shrinking budgets and...

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