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Community-Based Rehabilitation

  • Allen N. LewisJr.Email author
  • Pamela H. Lewis
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In vivo services; Milieu-based services; Outpatient rehabilitation


The provision of restorative or rehabilitative services targeted toward the amelioration of a disability (disability: any illness, condition, or impairment [congenital or acquired] that interferes with functioning in a major life domain) and/or the mitigation of functional limitation resultant from a disability to the maximum extent possible in a nonacute care, nonfacility-based service setting. Community-based rehabilitation services attempt to maximize the individual’s ability to function “in vivo” within major life pursuits such as independent daily living and work.

Community-based rehabilitation attempts to enhance the quality of life for individuals with disabilities and their families. This includes meeting basic needs but also going beyond to promote inclusion and participation. Community-based rehabilitation typically involves several domains of functioning such as health, education, work,...

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