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2018 Edition
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Deceleration Injury

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Acceleration-deceleration injury


Deceleration injury is a traumatic injury to the brain, typically following an acceleration injury to the brain in a high-speed situation such as a motor vehicle accident or high-impact sports. Deceleration injuries typically result in additive damage to an acceleration injury after the speed and inertia of momentum is obstructed. In this situation, the brain that is moving forward in the direction of inertia falls backward in the opposite direction, which may result in further compression of the underlying brain tissue and white matter connections.

Current Knowledge

Similar to acceleration injuries, primary injury in deceleration injury results in bruising, hemorrhage, and shearing of the underlying tensile strength of white matter connections deep within the brain. Secondary injury may occur hours or even days after the inciting traumatic event. Secondary effects of injury can include decreased cerebral blood flow, edema,...

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