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Reitan-Klove Sensory Perceptual Examination

  • Nicholas JasinskiEmail author
  • Kenneth Podell
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Sensory perceptual exam; SPE


The Reitan-Klove Sensory Perceptual Examination (SPE) is a part of the Halstead-Reitan Neuropsychological Battery (HRNB; Reitan and Wolfson 1993) and consists of the sensory imperception test, tactile finger recognition test, and fingertip number writing perception test.

Current Knowledge

The sensory imperception test measures the ability to perceive unilateral and bilateral stimuli in the tactile, auditory, and visual modalities. The goal of this test is to determine deficits in unilateral sensation and determine the presence of simultaneous extinction upon bilateral, simultaneous stimulation. The tactile finger recognition test measures the ability to discern which finger is being touched and is a measure of finger dysgnosia. The finger-tip number writing perception test assesses the ability to recognize numbers “drawn” on the pads of the fingertips and is a measure of graphesthesia.

Scoring of these tests in the traditional HRNB...

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