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2018 Edition
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Patient Generated Index

  • Jessica FishEmail author
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Modified patient generated index (PGI); Mother generated index (MGI); Client generated index (CGI)


The PGI is an individualized measure of self-perceived quality of life, which can be self- or interviewer-administered. It consists of three sections. First, respondents nominate up to five important areas of their life that are affected by a specified health condition (or in the general version, important areas of their life without reference to any specific health condition). In the second stage each nominated area is rated on a scale where 0 equates to “the worst you can imagine” and 10 equates to “exactly as you would like to be” (though note that some modifications of the scale have used different scales). An additional rating is then made taking into account “all other areas of life not already mentioned.” In later versions of the PGI, both a sixth and seventh area are used to differentiate between “other health-related areas” and “other non-health-related areas”...

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