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2018 Edition
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Katz Adjustment Scale

  • Mark A. SandbergEmail author
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KAS-R; KAS-RR; Katz adjustment scale-relative report form


The Katz adjustment scale-relative report form (KAS-R) is a 178-item instrument, which gathers input from close relatives to assess the community adjustment of patients following receipt of psychiatric care. Informants, who are typically family members, are asked to rate behaviors as observed during the previous several weeks in three dimensions: (a) general behavior (100 items), (b) socially expected activities (32 items), and (c) use of leisure time (46 items). The scales were originally available in two forms: self-report and relative report. Over time the relative report form demonstrated greater value at measuring community adjustment and potential for requiring hospital readmission. Administration time for the KAS-R can vary from 10 to 45 min depending on whether all three parts of the measure are completed and whether the examiner chooses the long (100-item) or short (48-item) form of Part I.


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