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EuroQol measure; EQ-5D


Format and Subsections of the EQ-5D

The EQ-5D is a global measure of health status that consists of two main sections: the EQ-5D descriptive system and the EQ Visual Analog Scale (VAS). The former contains five items covering mobility; self-care; usual activities such as work, study, housework, family, or leisure; pain/discomfort; and anxiety/depression with the respondent choosing the statement that best describes their state of health in that domain. There are two response set options: three response options consisting of “no problems,” “some problems,” and “severe problems” (EQ-5D-3L) and five response options consisting of “no problems,” “slight problems,” “moderate problems,” “severe problems,” and “unable to/extreme problems” (EQ-5D-5L). Crosswalks are available to convert scores between the two versions of the EQ-5D response sets.

The EQ VAS is a 20-cm vertical line marked at 100 equidistant points, with every ten lines marked with a...

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