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Hopkins Verbal Learning Test

  • Stacy BelkonenEmail author
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The Hopkins Verbal Learning Test – Revised (HVLT-R) is the most recent (2001) version of the verbal learning and memory test. The current HVLT-R offers six alternate forms. Each form contains 12 nouns, four words each from one of three semantic categories (e.g., precious gems, articles of clothing, vegetables, etc.), to be learned over the course of three learning trials. Approximately 20–25 min later, a delayed recall trial and a recognition trial are completed. The delayed recall requires free recall of any words remembered. The recognition trial is composed of 24 words, including the 12 target words and 12 false-positives, 6 semantically related, and 6 semantically unrelated.

When scoring the HVLT-R, the three learning trials are combined to calculate a total recall score; the delayed recall trial creates the delayed recall score; the retention (%) score is calculated by dividing the delayed recall trial by the higher of learning trial 2 or 3; and the...

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