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2018 Edition
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Craniospinal Radiotherapy

  • Jacqueline L. CunninghamEmail author
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Craniospinal irradiation; CSI


Craniospinal radiotherapy is an irradiation that is directed at the whole brain and length of the spinal axis, including the meninges, as part of the cancer treatment to control malignant cells. It serves as a radical (curative) antineoplastic therapy, as a prophylaxis against a neoplasm’s involvement with the central nervous system, or as a palliative recourse when cure is impossible. Craniospinal irradiation (CSI) is technically challenging, and is used with computed tomography (CT) simulation and multimodality MRI registration to define a large target volume, which spares healthy tissues, and assures exact reproducibility of treatment from day-to-day. Intensity-modulated radiation therapy, proton radiotherapy, and other new methods are new techniques for craniospinal treatment in order to reduce side effects and preserve sensitive neural and other tissue, such as cardiac, near the spine.

MRI evidence of the craniospinal radiation...

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