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Hispanic Neuropsychological Society

  • Christine M. Salinas
  • Xavier E. Cagigas
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HNS Organization (and URL)

The Hispanic Neuropsychological Society (HNS) is a group of clinical and research neuropsychologists in the United States interested in promoting the competent practice of neuropsychology with Spanish-speaking populations. Information about HNS can be obtained from the HNS web site (www.hnps.org).

Membership and Leadership Structure

There are six types of HNS members: Fellow, Professional Members, Associate Members, Student Members, Affiliate Members, and Corporate Members (see HNS bylaws for definitions at www.hnps.org). The vast majority of HNS members are active clinicians. Some also participate in clinical and basic science research, teaching, consulting, and other professional activities. Historically, HNS has had a strong student membership (they currently represent 35% of the membership). Total membership has ranged from 30 to over 160 members (highest active membership in 1999 and 2010). Currently, there are 151 active members. Fifteen HNS members...

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