Encyclopedia of Wildfires and Wildland-Urban Interface (WUI) Fires

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| Editors: Samuel L. Manzello

On-the-Incident Locations

  • Thomas Zimmerman
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On-the-incident locations represent those locations established for temporary use during incident tactical operations. They are established by incident management organizations and formal IMTs as part of their incident planning, support specific tactical roles, and may be used for short- to long-term time periods. They are situated in the incident area and can be moved, and in some cases, multiple locations for the same purpose will be implemented.

Temporary On-the-Incident Locations

  • Helibase:A helibase is the location where helicopters are based during the incident. They are temporary locations established during the incident after a large organization (IMT) assumes management but are generally used on a long-term basis or for the life of the incident. Helicopters assigned to the incident will be parked, serviced, and refueled...

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