Encyclopedia of Wildfires and Wildland-Urban Interface (WUI) Fires

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Incident Management Team (IMT) Support Locations

  • Thomas Zimmerman
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As wildland fires transition from initial attack to large fire management stages, the types of on-site management organizations change. As complexity, difficulty, and area involved increase, organizations enlarge in numbers of personnel, increase in expertise, increase in capabilities, and become nearly self-sufficient once fully positioned. On these large or multilevel incidents, formal organizations called Incident Management Teams (IMTs) will be assigned. IMTs use a standard set of facilities to support their operations that are temporary and considered as predesignated incident facilities.

Predesignated Locations Established on Incidents by IMTs

  • Joint Information Center (JIC):This is a facility that can be established on a temporary, as-needed, or permanent basis depending on the volume, type, and frequency of emergency activity. It...

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