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Katherine Scoresby Routledge

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Basic Biographical Information

Katherine Scoresby Routledge (1866–1935) was born Katherine Maria Pease in Darlington, County Durham, England, the daughter of Gurney Pease (1839–1872) and Kate Wilson Pease (1840–1915). The second of five children and the eldest of two daughters, she grew up at Woodside, the Pease family home. Her paternal grandparents were Joseph Pease and Emma Gurney of Southend, Darlington. Joseph Pease, an industrialist, abolitionist, and pacifist, is known as the financial “father of English railways.” All Pease and Gurney families were substantially wealthy and devout members of the Society of Friends (Quakers) for generations, and Joseph Pease was the first Quaker in English history to be elected as member of Parliament (Braithwaite 1857; The British Workman 1873; Pease 1992). Katherine’s debut presentation to Queen Victoria took place in 1884.

In 1891 Katherine Pease was accepted at nondenominational Somerville Hall (now Somerville College), Oxford University....
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Further Reading

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