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The Argentine Society of Anthropology (SAA) was founded on April 24, 1936 by a group of pioneers dedicated to Anthropology and other related disciplines. The founding meeting was chaired by the then director of the Ethnographic and Anthropological Museum (Faculty of Philosophy and Letters of the University of Buenos Aires), Félix F. Outes. Francisco de Aparicio, Eduardo Casanova, José Imbelloni, Fernando Márquez Miranda, Enrique Palavecino, Felix Outes, and Milcíades Vignati were also present. The Society has had a long and fruitful life, although with the ups and downs of the entities of this nature, inevitably linked to the political and economic swings of the country. Today it has dedicated more than eight decades to the national anthropological discipline (

The mission of the Argentine Society of Anthropology, as expressed in Art. 2 of its Statutes, is “to promote anthropological research in the country and coordinate the efforts of those who today...

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