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Jacquetta Hawkes

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Basic Biographical Information

Jessie Jacquetta Hawkes (nee Hopkins) also known as Jacquetta Priestley was born on August 5, 1910, in Cambridge, UK. Her father was the Nobel prize-winning biochemist and Trinity don, Frederick Gowland Hopkins, and her mother, Jessie Ann, introduced her to museums. After an early declaration that she wanted to be an archaeologist, in 1929 she was one of the first to read for the new Cambridge degree of archaeology and anthropology. She left Newnham College with a first-class degree and an invitation to dig with Dorothy Garrod at Mount Carmel in Palestine. Her experience there, exposing a Neanderthal skeleton, had a marked effect on her, and she returned to this discovery in her prose and poetry. By then she had met another promising archaeologist, Christopher Hawkes, both working on a Roman site near Colchester. In 1933 they married and began what appeared to be a union of mutual interests, with a home in North London. Their only child, Nicolas, was born...

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