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Wile, Daniel

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Dan Wile, the creator of Collaborative Couple Therapy, has been described by leading marital therapy researcher John Gottman as “a genius and the greatest living marital therapist.”

He is internationally recognized as an expert in his work with couples therapy and for his theories about how to turn conflict into intimate conversations.

Dan Wile was born on August 3, 1938, in Chicago, Illinois. A younger sister, Eleanor (Elly) Bulova, was born 2 years later on March 18, 1940. His father, Howard Paul Wile, handled the financial arrangements between MIT and the federal government in the development of radar in World War II, resulting in a move to Brookline, MA, when he was 6 years old. When Wile was 8, the family moved to Woodmere, NY, when his father got a job as a research administrator at Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute.

His mother, Margery Blahd Wile, became an MD at a time when few women were allowed into medical school. She started as a pathologist but switched to...

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