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Stratton, Peter

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Peter Stratton, BSc, PhD, Dip Psychotherapy, FBPsS, AcSS (1940-).


Peter Stratton is a prolific family therapist and developmental psychologist. He has made contributions to the field of family psychology in both direct therapeutic services and data analysis techniques. Stratton was born in 1940 in London. His father worked in a furniture factory, first on the shop floor and eventually as managing director. His mother was a homemaker, and his sister studied to be a secretary. Stratton co-founded the Leeds Family Therapy and Research Center, with his wife Helga Hanks. Although retired from Leeds University, he continues to produce research and provide workshops for therapists.


Stratton attended a Catholic school during his youth and then attended Leicester University to study mathematics. While teaching in London, he studied psychology at Birkbeck University of London. His post-graduate work was in child development. Stratton is an Emeritus Professor of Family...

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