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Asian Academy of Family Therapy

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Asian Academy of Family Therapy




The Asian Academy of Family Therapy (AAFT) is a charitable and nonprofit organization with a vision to promote family therapy research, training, and practice in Asia.

Originally named as Academy of Family Therapy, the same group of visionaries who had established the HKU Family Institute (HKUFI) almost a decade ago started the Asian Academy of Family Therapy in 2012. Through the training effort of the Director of HKUFI, Wai Yung Lee, a collaboration with other Asian regions was formed. As a result, a cross-regional study to compare how couples negotiated their differences among five regions was made possible. This joint venture created a bond among the involving regions. Prominent figures from each region started to meet annually, and in 2015, the Academy officially changed its name to Asian Academy of Family Therapyto reflect the interests and activities of other family therapists in the Asian region....

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