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2019 Edition
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Global Mental Health with Couples and Families

  • Jo Ellen PattersonEmail author
  • Todd M. Edwards
  • James L. Griffith
  • Gabriel Lee
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Global Mental Health


Global Mental Health (GMH) is an emerging field that focuses on the need for culturally sensitive mental health services in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs). While new initiatives have been established worldwide to understand GMH needs and to provide care in LMICs, family therapists have historically worked with families in high-income countries. Family-based initiatives in GMH often focus on psychoeducation and are often not based on general systems theory. However, emerging trends in family therapy may enable family therapists to impact mental health issues in LMICs. These trends, which are shared interests of both family therapy and GMH, include collaborative care, a growing emphasis on the importance of culture in understanding and treating mental health issues, recognition of the ability of families to support or impede recovery from mental illness, and the use of strength-based and evidence-based treatments.


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