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Modeling in Couple and Family Therapy

  • Kyle Isaacson
  • James L. FurrowEmail author
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Modeling in couple and family therapy is typically used in a coaching-oriented therapist posture, so it is often identified with cognitive-behavioral and behavioral approaches to therapy. Modeling also emerges in the family therapy literature as an experiential intervention in which client’s encounter themselves, one another, and their concerns differently in accordance with the intentional engagement of the therapist (e.g., Satir and Baldwin 1983). When performing a modeling intervention, the therapist believes that a couple or family members benefit from direct observation of a desired behavior through exploring new ways of thinking about one’s emotional or conversational responses, or hearing new and desired expression of needs, experiences, and intentions. Modeling may be used to highlight a negative pattern in the system, prompting further insight and awareness.

When modeling new behaviors the clinician demonstrates how the new behavior is to be accomplished. For example, a...

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