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Perel, Esther

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Esther Perel


Esther Perel is highly regarded as a thought leader and progressive voice in the field of couple and family therapy, known for her profound contributions on the topics of eroticism in long-term love as well as infidelity in the modern age. The richly multicultural perspective she brings to her clinical work, teaching, and lecturing around the globe is a defining characteristic of her voice in our field, influenced by her unique fluency in nine languages and ability to connect deeply with clients from many backgrounds.


Perel began her clinical career by earning her Bachelor’s degree in Educational Psychology, French Literature, and Linguistics at Hebrew University, followed by graduate studies at Lesley University where she earned her Master’s degree in Expressive Arts Therapies.

Perel’s clinical work began with a focus on cross-cultural dynamics within families as a student and supervisee of Dr. Salvador Minuchin. Perel’s early clinical thinking is...

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