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Guerin, Philip

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Dr. Philip Guerin


Dr. Philip J. Guerin is a renowned physician and psychiatrist who has extensively studied and refined Bowenian family therapy. Influenced by many forerunners in the family therapy movement, Guerin also became a prominent theoretician, spokesman, and teacher. Guerin has been an influential figure for many mental health professionals through his multitude of papers, books, lectures, and live and taped therapy sessions.


Guerin is a respected Bowenian family therapist, psychiatrist, and teacher in the field of family therapy. A graduate of Fairfield University, Guerin completed both medical school and his residency at Georgetown University School of Medicine, where he met Murray Bowen and was introduced to family of origin work.

Contributions to the Profession

Guerin has made several notable contributions to the field. He is the founding director of the Center for Family Learning in New York, which originated as an outgrowth of the Influential...

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