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Boszormenyi-Nagy, Ivan

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Ivan Boszormenyi-Nagy

Short Introduction

Ivan Boszormenyi-Nagy, born in 1920, was a Hungarian American psychiatrist and family therapist who made significant contributions to the field of marriage and family therapy, most notably by pioneering the development and practice of contextual therapy (also known as contextual family therapy) in the 1970s. Through an extensive career as both a scholar and educator, Boszormenyi-Nagy directly and indirectly influenced marriage and family therapists until his death in 2007, and his approach continues to inspire new generations of therapists in the United States and internationally.


Boszormenyi-Nagy was born in Budapest, Hungary, where he began his career as a psychiatrist after graduating medical school from the Budapest’s Peter Pazmany University in 1944. During his psychiatric training, Boszormenyi-Nagy also studied biochemistry and physics.

He left Hungary in 1948 and, while a political refugee in Austria, he worked...

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