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Stith, Sandra

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Dr. Sandra M. Stith


Dr. Stith is one of the world’s leading scholars on intimate partner violence (IPV). Together with colleagues Eric McCollum and Karen Rosen, she developed Couples Treatment for Domestic Violence, an evidence-based couple’s treatment program for IPV. Dr. Stith’s career has focused on creating a greater understanding of intimate partner violence, as well as developing and testing her couple’s treatment program for intimate partner violence. Dr. Stith has been the program director of the marriage and family therapy master’s program at Virginia Tech, as well as the program director of the marriage and family therapy master’s and PhD programs at Kansas State University. Dr. Stith has contributed greatly to the field of marriage and family therapy through her research, her development of a couple’s treatment program for intimate partner violence, her editorial services, and her mentorship of future therapists and researchers.

Career (Includes Education,...

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