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Greenberg, Leslie

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Greenberg, Leslie


In his academic career, Leslie Greenberg has led the development of two innovative, research-supported psychotherapy approaches – emotion-focused therapies (EFT) for individuals and couples. Both approaches have been significantly developed with both theory and research over the past 30 years. This entry will focus on Greenberg’s development of the emotion-focused couples approach.


Leslie Greenberg was born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa. He moved to Canada with his wife Brenda in 1965 and first completed a master’s in systems engineering at McMaster University in Hamilton. He went on to complete a PhD in Clinical Psychology at York University under the tutelage of Laura Rice, a former student of Carl Rogers. It was his early humanistic and experiential training that solidified his belief in the power of the therapeutic relationship characterized by empathy, genuineness, and unconditional positive regard to effect change, along with...

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