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Atkinson, Brent

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Brent J. Atkinson, Ph.D. (1956–).


Brent Atkinson is the principle architect of the Pragmatic/Experiential Method for Improving Relationships (also called the PEX Method), an approach that translates findings from neurobiology and the science of intimate relationships into practical methods for improving relationships. His pioneering work is detailed in the books Emotional Intelligence in Couples Therapy and Developing Habits for Relationship Success, has appeared in leading professional journals, and has been featured in outlets such as the Oprah Magazine, the Washington Post, and the Psychotherapy Networker. He is known for his ability to present complex scientific ideas in compelling and easy-to-understand ways.


After completing a Ph.D. in Marriage and Family Therapy from Texas Tech University in 1985, Atkinson accepted a faculty position in Marriage and Family Therapy at Northern Illinois University (NIU) where he spent the next 27 years. He served as...

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