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McFarlane, William

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William McFarlane has been a tireless innovator and research leader in family programs for the severely mentally ill. He has focused steadily on teaching and testing interventions to help patients and their families. He has built programs with lasting effects on the experience of discharge from the hospital and living with schizophrenia, the quality of family life in the delayed career of the patient, and, finally, the early detection and protection against vulnerability to a first-episode of psychosis.


McFarlane’s psychiatric residency at Albert Einstein College of Medicine in the Bronx was followed by a fellowship in Social and Community Psychiatry at Bronx Psychiatric Center. This brought him into the inspiring world of Israel Zwerling’s social programs there, and in his fellowship year, he worked in a preschool program for hospitalized mothers and their children and advanced his training in the Family Studies Section, where he later taught family therapy in that...

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