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Crane, D. Russell

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D. Russell Crane (1948–)


D. Russell Crane was an influential couple and family therapy (CFT) researcher whose groundbreaking research established CFT as a cost-effective treatment modality for mental and relational disorders. His research also demonstrated that CFT resulted in decreased health-care utilization of couples and families seen in therapy.


Crane received his Ph.D. in 1979 in marriage and family therapy from Brigham Young University. After spending the first 4 years of his career at Texas Tech University, he was a professor in the MFT program at Brigham Young University for 34 years, before retiring in 2016. Throughout his career, he provided important service to the profession, serving as chair of the Commission on Accreditation for Marriage and Family Therapy Education, as well as chair of the Family Therapy Section in the National Council on Family Relations.

Contributions to the Profession

He spent the early years of his career conducting research...

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