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Philadelphia Child Guidance Clinic

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The Philadelphia Child Guidance Clinic (PCGC) was founded in 1926, the third clinic devoted to care of children, following IJR in Chicago, in 1909, and the Judge Baker Guidance Clinic in Boston. PCGC was initially psychoanalytically oriented, and as late as 1967, there were still couches in all the offices!

The Child Guidance Clinic was located in South Philadelphia next door to Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP), both moved to a fancy new building in the University of Pennsylvania Medical complex in 1974. The 7 years between Minuchin’s arrival in Philadelphia and the Clinic’s move to its new location were the most fruitful in developing the theories, practice, and research of Structural Family Therapy. The next 7 years after the move allowed for some elaboration, but more importantly were the years of disseminating these ideas and practices through practica, workshops, and internships.

The major figures at the clinic during the Minuchin era were Salvador Minuchin,...

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