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Code of Ethics in Couple and Family Therapy

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Practitioners in the field of mental health are consistently faced with complicated and ambiguous situations in therapy which require them to make decisions about the “best option” for protecting the welfare of their clients. The codes of ethics within the multiple disciplines in mental health arose out of a need to quantify some of the agreed-upon boundaries of practice and to give guidance to practitioners as they were navigating decisions without clear-cut answers. Codes of ethics in couple and family therapy are unique in that they are created to address some of the complicated issues that arise from having more than one individual to consider in thinking about one’s “client.”

Theoretical Context for Codes of Ethics in Couple and Family Therapy

Purpose of Codes of Ethics

Codes of ethics serve three main purposes: first and foremost to protect the public; second, to protect the profession from governmental intrusion; and finally, to protect practitioners from the public...

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