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Marital Status Inventory

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Name and Type of Measure

The Weiss-Cerreto Martial Status Inventory (MSI) measures the likelihood of divorce or relationship dissolution. The MSI was designed based on the assumption that marriages dissolve in a series of discrete sequential acts.


Relationship status inventory*; Weiss-Ceretto*


The Weiss-Cerreto Marital Status Inventory (MSI; Weiss and Cerreto 1980) is a highly cited and moderately utilized measure assessing likelihood of divorce. It is a 14-item true or false, dichotomous, Guttman-like scale that assess the cognitive and behavioral acts that typically precede marital dissolution. Scores range from 0 to 14, with higher scores reflecting more active steps taken toward divorce. A score of 4 or more indicates substantial risk of dissolution. The measure is administered to each partner separately and requires approximately 5 min to complete. Each partner’s results can be interpreted separately, but research indicates the wife’s score is more...

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