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Beavers Systems Measures, The

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Name and Type of Measure

The Beavers Systems Measures assess family functioning from clinician and client perspectives. The Beavers Interactional Scales (BIS) are a set of rating scales for completion by clinicians or researchers observing family interaction. The Self-Report Family Inventory (SFI) is a questionnaire for completion by literate family members over 11 years.


Family competence and family style are the two main dimensions of the Beavers Systems Model of Family Functioning (Beavers and Hampson 1990, 2000). The competence dimension ranges from optimal through adequate, midrange, and borderline to severely dysfunctional. The style dimension ranges from centripetal to centrifugal. When the two dimensions are combined, they define nine distinct family groupings, three of which are relatively functional and six of which are dysfunctional. A family’s status on the competence and style dimensions may be established with the BIS and SFI.


The BIS and SFI were...

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