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Framo, James

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James Framo.


James Framo is a clinical psychologist who is primarily known for integrating object relations theory into his couple and family psychotherapy work in the form of Family-of-Origin Therapy. James Framo’s two most notable books are Family of Origin Therapy: An Intergenerational Approach and Explorations in Marital and Family Therapy: Selected Papers of James L. Framo.


James Framo earned his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology at the University of Texas in 1953. He went on to hold a variety of teaching positions at Temple University, as well as Alliant International University’s San Diego campus. James Framo has coedited many journals on couple and family therapy and was a founding member of the American Family Therapy Association.

Contributions to Profession

James Framo’s initial contributions to the field of couple and family psychology stemmed from his psychoanalytic orientation and use of object relations theory, but have evolved into what he is best...

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