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Escudero, Valentin

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Escudero, Valentín


Valentín Escudero, Ph.D., is a professor of psychology at the University of A Coruña and director of the Family Intervention and Care Research Unit (UIICF), a family therapy center at the Hospital Naval, where four prestigious programs of family therapy research and family therapy training have been run since 1999. Escudero’s research and practice epitomizes a systemic approach to family therapy founded on solid observational study and careful theoretical conceptualization. His primary area of scholarship concerns the development and maintenance of therapeutic alliances with couples and families, specifically using alliances to empower the therapeutic system (Escudero and Friedlander 2017). Escudero’s work is extraordinary in the field of family therapy in Europe due to his balance in connecting research to therapist training and clinical practice. Escudero has published numerous journal articles and chapters and is the co-author of three books: Rela...

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