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Asen, Eia

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Asen, Eia (1946 to present)


Eia Asen is a pioneer of multi-family group therapy. He has been influential in the dissemination of the Marlborough model and the integration of mentalization into multi-family group therapy. He is a world-renowned child and adolescent psychiatrist, consultant, editor, author, and speaker who continues to influence the field of family therapy.


Asen received his doctorate in medicine in 1972 from the Free University of Berlin. He completed his foundation program in general medicine followed by a specialization in psychiatry at the Maudsley Hospital in London. During his work at the Maudsley Hospital, Asen received an additional 5 years of training in psychoanalysis and psychotherapy (1974–1979) as well as family therapy (1976–1981) with Salvador Minuchin. These formative training experiences profoundly impacted his contributions to multi-family group therapy. Following the completion of his training, Asen became a member of the Royal...

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