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Silverstein, Olga

  • F. Targol Hasankhani
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Olga Silverstein, MSW (1922–2009)


Olga Silverstein was an integral part of the development of the feminist movement in the field of family therapy. Along with Marianne Walters, Peggy Papp, and Betty Carter, Silverstein co-founded the Women’s Project in Family Therapy, which explored the impact of gender and women’s experiences in family systems, and sought to bring the voice of feminist consciousness into the field of couple and family therapy. Silverstein also received much praise for her book The Courage to Raise Good Men and became internationally known for her expertise on mother-son relationships.


Olga Silverstein is famously known for her late start in the field of family therapy, which she made up for with her many contributions to the field throughout her career. Silverstein returned to school in her adult age to complete her high school diploma and bachelor’s degree. Upon completion of her bachelor’s degree, Silverstein began working as a social work...

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