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Selekman, Matthew

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Matthew David Selekman (1957–).


Matthew Selekman is one of the pioneers working with families and high-risk adolescents. He believes all clients have the strength, resources, and self-healing capacities to change, and that they truly are the experts on their own life situation.

This vision and his unique way incorporating other ideas outside the psychotherapy field like art, business ideas, anthropology, science fiction, literature, and music led him to create his innovative family therapy approach called Collaborative Strengths-Based Brief Family Therapy.

He is a delightful and charismatic man who is not only passionate about his work in psychotherapy, but also likes to cook, jazz music, arts, and movies. He draws inspiration from these areas to create metaphors that help his clients find new ways to solve their problems.


Matthew Selekman received his Master’s Degree in Clinical Social Work from the University of Chicago. He is both a licensed clinical social...

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