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Real, Terrence

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Terrence Real, LCSW


Terrence “Terry” Real, LCSW, has contributed to the field of couple therapy through his extensive writings and presentations exploring the impact of gender – specifically men’s mental health – on heterosexual couple dynamics. Real has published several books on improving relationships by empowering women and teaching men how to process their emotions. He founded the Relational Life Institute, a therapy center in Boston, which provides small-group workshops for couples using his own therapy model (Relational Life Therapy) and professional training programs to other therapists and mental health professionals. He continues to present his work through speaking tours, radio, television, and print and social media. His accessibility to the general public through his media engagement has made Real a nationally well-known therapist.


Real received his bachelor’s (1972) and master’s (1975) degrees in English literature and comparative literature,...

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