Encyclopedia of Couple and Family Therapy

2019 Edition
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Communication Training in Couple and Family Therapy

  • Norman B. Epstein
  • Mariana K. FalconierEmail author
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Communication training in couple and family therapy


Communication skills training is among the most commonly used of the behavioral interventions in couple and family therapy. It is used to improve the clarity with which members of relationships express their thoughts and emotions to each other and the effectiveness with which they listen to and understand each other’s messages. Good communication involves one individual expressing thoughts and emotions in a manner that is easy to understand and another person setting aside personal agendas to try to take the expresser’s perspective, understand the person’s subjective experience, and reflect those thoughts and feelings back to the expresser to demonstrate empathy.

Guerney’s (1977) Relationship Enhancement Program emphasized positive outcomes of family members’ psychological and emotional well-being derived from the increased intimacy gained from improved expressive and empathic listening skills....

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