Production of Biodiesel from Algae: An Update

  • Athar Ali
  • Abdul Qadir
  • Mohammed KuddusEmail author
  • Parul Saxena
  • Malik Zainul Abdin
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To reduce the pressure of energy supply, environmental contamination (global warming) by the entry of carbon produced during the production of fossil-based petroleum, rising crude oil prices, and diminishing petroleum reserves, global efforts have been made by switching from fossil-based petroleum to bio-based fuels as a transportation fuel. However, due to the nonavailability of feedstock (Jatropha and Karanja) and high production cost, the first-generation biofuels (biodiesel) could not gain commercial-scale production. After that, several plants including crops, algae, and fungi have evaluated and commercialized as feedstock for biofuel production. The production of biodiesel from the conversion of these biomass feedstocks in the form of sustainable bioenergy have been well established at academic and research level. In this review, various extraction procedures of oil from algae and subsequently its conversion into biodiesel are discussed.


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Authors are thankful to University Grant Commission (UGC), Government of India for financial support to Department of Biotechnology under the scheme of UGC-SAP (DRS-1) to develop research advanced facilities used in this study. A. Ali is thankful to UGC for providing Research Fellowship under UGC-SAP (BSR) scheme.


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