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Genetic Variation

  • Ritu
  • Bhagyalaxmi Mohapatra
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Genetic variation (GV) is defined as the subtle genomic differences among individuals within or between populations that makes each or a group of organisms different from others.


Variations are found throughout the genome of an organism. However, these variations are not evenly distriibuted. Instead, some regions are “hot spots” of variability like CpG islands, and some other parts are stable enough that don’t show variation (Mugal and Ellegren 2011; Xia et al. 2012) at all among the individuals. Variation in the genetic material of an organism is depicted in its phenotype. Almost every trait of an individual is affected by genetic variation. Variations in the eye color and hair color, ear lobes, height etc. are due to the genetic differences between individuals.

Genetic Variation Drives Evolution

Genetic variation is an important evolutionary force as it provides the diversity within and between populations. Genetic...


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