Medical Imaging for Three-Dimensional Computer-Aided Models

  • Paulo Henrique Junqueira AmorimEmail author
  • Thiago Franco de Moraes
  • Rodrigo Alvarenga Rezende
  • Jorge Vicente Lopes da Silva
  • Helio Pedrini
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Technological advances in medical imaging have provided healthcare professionals with powerful resources for storing, analyzing, and visualizing three-dimensional images in a variety of diagnostic tasks. Equipments for acquiring high-quality images and computer-aided tools for image interpretation play an important role in surgical planning, disease assessment, and therapy response monitoring. This chapter presents an overview of relevant aspects related to image processing and computer graphics techniques for the construction of three-dimensional models for visualization and biofabrication.



We are grateful to São Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP) for the Brazilian Research Institute for Neuroscience and Neurotechnology BRAINN (CEPID process 2013/07559-3) and for the Thematic Projects (Grants 2011/22749-8 and 2014/12236-1). We are thankful to Brazilian Council for Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq) for the Brazilian Institute of Biofabrication (INCT-BIOFABRIS process 2008/57860-3) and for the Regenerative Medicine grant (process 467643/2014-8) for the financial support. We also thank Otávio Henrique Junqueira Amorim for creating some of the illustrations and pictures.


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