Ovarian Cancer in the Older Woman

  • Mohammad HissourouIII
  • William P. TewEmail author
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Ovarian cancer is the seventh most common cancer in women worldwide and accounts for nearly 4% of all new cases of cancer in women. Almost half of all ovarian cancer patients are over the age of 65 at diagnosis, and over 70% of deaths from ovarian cancer are occurring in this same age group. As the population ages, the number of older women with ovarian cancer is increasing. Compared to younger women, older women with ovarian cancer receive less surgery and chemotherapy, develop worse toxicity, and have poorer outcomes. They are also significantly underrepresented in clinical trials, and thus application of standard treatment regimens can be challenging. Performance status alone has been shown to be an inadequate tool to predict toxicity of older patients from chemotherapy. The use of formal geriatric assessment tools is a promising direction for stratifying older patients on trials. Elderly-specific trials and adjustments to the eligibility criteria of current frontline trials may allow greater participation of older women. Modified treatment regimens and interventions to decrease morbidities in the vulnerable older population should be useful.


Ovarian cancer Geriatric oncology Geriatric assessment Neoadjuvant chemotherapy 


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