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Data-Driven Network Control

  • An Xie
  • Xiaoliang WangEmail author
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DOI: https://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-319-32903-1_90-1


Traditionally, network control is usually optimized for better experience of applications with the goal of avoiding congestion or reducing flow completion time in data center. To this end, enormous amount of researches have focused on adjusting parameters of certain transmission protocols, such as TCP, DCTCP, D2TCP, etc. These works can be summarized as “optimizing applications by adjusting network control.”

With the emerging of big data, tremendous amount of data is generated in end devices or by data applications in data center. As a result, how to leverage the benefit of this huge amount of data to better control the network has attracted research communities’ attention. The new paradigm, referred to as “Data- Driven network Control,” aims at improving network performance by leveraging user/applications-generated data. Compared to the traditional “optimizing applications by adjusting network control,” data- driven network control can be identified in the opposite...

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