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Privacy-Preserving Data Collection

  • Zhan QinEmail author
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Privacy-preserving data collection system collects sensitive data from data contributors and detects meaningful general information by gathering data while protecting data contributors’ privacy.


Nowadays, with the advance of big data analytics, organizations have become increasingly interested in collecting and analyzing user data. For example, web browsers and mobile apps often collect system logs and usage patterns as a means to guide the development of future versions; crowdsourcing platforms, such as Mechanical Turk, also provide a convenient way to collect information from contributors. However, the collection of user data could incur significant privacy risks, as demonstrated in several past incidences, e.g., (Hansell 2006), where accidental leakage of sensitive data led to public outrage, reputation damage, and legal actions against the data collector. The need of a privacy-preserving way to collect data from users has been...

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