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Wireless Sensor Networks Enabled Urban Traffic Management

  • Zhaolong NingEmail author
  • Xiaojie Wang
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An effective urban traffic management system intends to manage traffic effectively by leveraging wireless sensor networks enabled processing technologies and intelligent system algorithms for smart cities.

Historical Background

Generally speaking, Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) consisting of a group of resource-constrained sensors to collect data from surrounding environments are becoming key components in the emerging areas of cyber physical systems. On one hand, energy efficiency is crucial for most sensors due to battery supply. On the other hand, topology management and network coverage are also significant in WSNs (Haque and Abu-Ghazaleh 2016). In general, the main research background of WSN-enabled traffic management is involving from capacity increase, mobility support to quality of experience improvement.

The study of Internet of Vehicles (IoVs) has sprung up, where vehicles are viewed as...

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